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  • Execute market research and analysis
  • Develop marketing plan, and strategies
  • Build, launch and monitor advertising campaigns

Fashion Wardrobe Styling & Event Coordinating

  • Style photoshoots and runway shows
  • Coordinate backstage dressing crew
  • Produce and manage fashion related events

Sales & Retail

  • Buy merchandise and manage a retail store
  • Create visual merchandising displays
  • Work as a sales representative

Fashion Design Production

  • Make patterns and sew samples
  • Carry out fittings and make alterations
  • Lead a fashion production team

Digital Design

  • Use the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Build website using
  • Code in Python


A Little Bit About Me

I am creative, passionate, resourceful, hard-working, reliable, honest and energetic.

I completed a three-year program in fashion design, to then gain work experience within the industry in retail, sales, event coordinating, wardrobe styling and fashion design production. Through these experiences, I acquired an eye for detail, strong organizational and problem-solving skills, and an ability to lead effectively diverse teams in highly pressured environments.

I am currently completing a Bachelor of Commerce with a specialization in Marketing and an option in Entrepreneurship, with an expected graduation date of July 2018. My dedication in having a high academic standing allowed me to participate in an exchange program at the Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. During my semester abroad, I took a course on managing creativity, which exposed me to creative idea-generation techniques, such as design thinking. I also got to attend industry-specific events, such as the retail business technology in London.

Having a personal interest in technology, I took an elective in introduction to computing, which taught me how to code in Python. I also collaborated with students from the engineering faculty to create wearable technology, and am currently working on a new project with them to improve with technology the current consumers’ in-store shopping experience.

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