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A Little Bit About Me

As a recent graduate of a Bachelor of Commerce degree (option: marketing) with a fashion design background, I am now ready to kick-start a successful career within the apparel and retail industry.

Over the past four years, my dedication and determination, allowed me to achieve academic excellence while further developing my strong mathematical, communication and research skills. As part of my studies, I took the initiative to participate in an exchange program at the prestigious Bocconi University in Milan and, while overseas, gained further professional job experience in 5 European countries, solidifying my ability to adjust to change.

Before starting my B.Com, I completed a college diploma in fashion design and gained experience in content production, event coordination, product development, brand communication, market research, and customer service. Through my work experience, I acquired the ability to work effectively with team members in highly pressured environments and gained a strong eye for detail. I also demonstrated my outstanding work ethic and my ability to meet stringent deadlines.

I am reliable, resourceful, hardworking, and proactive, and have great interpersonal and organizational skills. I am also extremely proficient with Microsoft Office, and I am perfectly bilingual in English and French.

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